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I’m always recommending MicControl – Jon does a great job whether he is writing or getting people to guest post on their ‘MicSchool‘ section. Check out the site in depth!

This piece is all about how musicians need to foster relationships with a network of people in the music business – and not just to treat it as a one-way street.

Whilst the article talks about relationships with industry and musician folk, the same stuff applies to your relationships with fans.

In my dealings and conversations with successful artists, managers, labels, and other industry workers, it has become abundantly clear that increasing your chance of success can be done by embracing two very simple concepts: create great music, and develop great relationships.

Unfortunately, the second half of that equation is sometimes (mis)labeled as simply ‘who you know,’ which implies that an existing connection is required in order to succeed. Sure, having an uncle that works for a label, or having a friend from high school who is now the guitar tech for Coldplay can help, but that’s rare. Those who have succeeded have done so by working hard at developing, and maintaining, great relationships with those they work with.

Here are some tips for developing contacts with meaning:

Read the post here. It’s good!