The Hype Machine has very helpfully compiled a list of the top 50 most blogged about artists, albums and songs of last year.

Why should you care?

Well, I think that cultivating a following amongst influential music bloggers should be a key part of every artist’s online music promotion and marketing. I don’t need to tell you how, since Chris Bracco has laid it out in this essential and very impressive guide.

Look at this post on our site to see how that fits into an overall online music marketing strategy.

Looking at the list from the Hype Machine you might think that you’d have to be either a semi-folk Americana acoustic act or banging electro! Maybe you do to get the attention of this sub-set of bloggers (that style of music is heavily favoured in the largest most successful blogs).

But, if that’s not your niche, fear not as you can easily find a plethora of people to write about your music – no matter what the style.

Nonetheless, if you do fit that scene, you are set to get the most coverage!

Check out their top 50 most blogged artists here.