Whilst I’ve been on this YouTube theme I’ve been doing a LOT of research, and found the site that this post came from.

I am trying to shift a large proportion of my client’s attention to YouTube and video marketing – i.e. taking my own advice! And this site is giving me a HUGE amount of ideas.

The link below is to one article that talks about channels and helps to clear up some of the confusion we were discussing over on the main blog about Branded channels in this post – Artist YouTube Channel.

BUT, go over there and root around for other stuff – like how to put a ‘Subscribe to our YouTube channel’ widget on the side bar of your site, or how to make a link to your channel actually a link to subscribe to your channel.

Endless great articles that you can use to learn more about making YouTube the social network that brings you fans. Remember that it is a social newtork just like Facebook but it is the other place that people go to find music (after your domain and, yes, still, MySpace). So be there.

Click here to read ‘How to make the most of your YouTube channel’.