OK, last thing on YouTube for a while. I know I’m hammering the point, perhaps a little too much! Point 8 in this post – Build your fanbase – didn’t get the message across enough!

The Midnight Beast is a trio doing what most would call comedy pop – a bit electro and a bit rap.

I am in awe of the following that they have built pretty much using YouTube alone.

I’m not saying that you have to be a comedy act – although I accept that their particular style is VERY suited to video, YouTube, covers/parodies etc – but what they have across all the platforms that they use is well worth looking at.

Their official site is all about video (I’d add an email sign up too, but you can’t get everything right!), and their other social media profiles are all spot on too – regular Twitter and Facebook updates, although they use personal Twitter far better than the band feed.

And, they are unsigned. And, don’t want to be signed. They just sold out their first UK tour and are selling loads of merchandise – follow their links to see what they do using Big Cartel.

They have over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and I’m sure that’s a Partner channel, so they’ll be earning more that way.

OK, their kick-off was a Kesha parody that got people following them in their droves, and they can write very catchy songs or parodies (some of the material is original), but there is nothing stopping you making your band very focused on YouTube and getting a massive boost from people finding you there.

Learn how to stand out by studying what The Midnight Beast do…….and apply it.

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