I urge you to download and read this paper, primarily for the case study of Canadian band Mister Valaire’s rise over 4 years to solid profitable working indie band – all through the use of ‘freemium’.

Bob Lefsetz has recently been banging on about how the album is now just a marketing tool for the act (and their live performances) but adding the twist that chasing the hit and the record deal to provide it is a short term strategy doomed to failure.

For most independent acts, I agree.

Mister Valaire is a flagship testimonial that the modern paradigm is primarily about taking years to develop the craft, and the fanbase to sustain you through a lengthy career. This is the future music business model for most.

Virginie Berger’s second report for Midem is well thought out and provides proof not just theory. I loved it.

Read it – you have to sign up to get it – but it’s worth it.