….or what to do while you’re hanging around waiting for your fans to show up!

Image courtesy of Chikinki – best live band ever, fact. But, here doing very impressive hanging around by the van!

This is a reat article that’s three years old (so a couple of points are obsolete) on steps to take to build your fanbase.

I can’t remember how I came across this piece but despite it’s age it is uncommonly great advice.

I particularly like points 8, 11 & 15.

As per point 15, building backlinks to your site that draws in fans of a similar band in your genre is such an obvious and brilliant tactic, I can’t believe that I hadn’t written about it. Damn!

We looked at backlinking to get your site ranked in the search engines for your chosen terms in this post – Band website SEO – and you could take this approach to backlinks in conjunction with point 15 of the article.

Give it a go.

Most of the things on this list are the result of observation – APU is like a petri dish for watching the launch of music careers. We have around 50 people at any given time who are trying to become viable artists in the commercial music world. They range in success from those who are signed and touring in support of great projects, to those who can’t even get a pay-to-play booking with 300 other bands at Chain Reaction, and I get a front row seat to their process. They come talk to me about what works, what doesn’t, and I get to listen to their experiences and cull from that data.

So here you go – 20 things to do while you’re waiting for your fans to show up. The first 4 are in order of importance, but everything after that is in wild brainstorm mode.

Read the whole list of 20 steps here.