This is a great post from a site that I just discovered – it’s got loads of great stuff on it, so have a root around.

It’s actually an offshoot of an online radio station that only plays independent artists. And their ‘Music Clinic’ section is there to give advice to those artists.

This post looks at best practice for online engagement with your fans – or how to build your fanbase.

It’s got some great tips on how to get your fan page on Facebook looking great and also how to connect with bloggers.

“There are many different ways to build an online presence and various available platforms of interaction with your fans, from websites, mailing lists, blogs, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter,, Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc… (It is important to note that the music needs to be right before uploading music and interacting with people).

An artist website is an important tool when concerning yourself with online presence but is not essential, with Myspace and Facebook offering free profiles a website can be an unnecessary cost. Though if you can afford to get a basic website done it makes a difference being able to own your own data as opposed to a third party.

You might have 4296 myspace/Facebook fans or 2635 followers on Twitter but if something happens to those sites you could lose everything you’ve built up. It’s better to have personal email addresses and be able to contact fans from your own database, it’s also better to have a central hub with everything in one place that you can send people to and they can then follow links to whichever other sites they use personally.

A band website can get the bands personality across and there are no little annoying ads popping up everywhere.

Check the post out here.