Ariel Hyatt is one of THE thought leaders in the diy musician world.

This post is her hopes for musicians, and, in particular, how they can help each other to succeed in 2011.

It’s got some great ideas.

It takes a team to launch any effort, whether it’s releasing an album, getting a song licensed or just getting more fans and followers. I see all too often artists going for it all alone without any help and support – some sadly don’t even get support from fellow band mates – because they have made up a story that unless they have a professional full time manager or a booking agent that they can’t get help.

It’s very powerful when artists who are creative and brilliant at making music bond together and help each other make connections and make a difference for one another.  I’m so sick of reading blog posts with people saying the reason no one has success is because most artists suck.  It’s just not true. There is a ridiculous amount of non-suck out there.  Stop hating, and start allowing other peoples light to shine….

Read the whole post here.

She embedded the video below in her post, so I did too!