Not going to say much about this one.

But DO go and read it, as it’s about mindset and behaviour that will get you the most out of your interactions with your fans. Fan engagement is the key to success for the diy musician.

And, it comes from the veritable experts at Tunecore!

We hear the near-constant drumbeat of the importance of direct-to-fan marketing from virtually every corner of the record business.  The sentiment is undeniably correct.  Eliminating middlemen, and their accompanying transaction costs, is certainly good practice in any type of business.  There is, however, something not quite right with respect to current thinking around direct-to-fan marketing.  In short, if all we’re doing with D2F is eliminating the middleman, we are only improving efficiency within an inherently flawed system; we’re still “marketing at” people instead of “marketing with” them.

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