Great article on the ASCAP site with a bunch of tips and insights in how to be a direct to fan expert – some of it you’ll know but some is new to me.

I particularly like the one about making a promo code on your site the letters of a radio station supporting your band or record – as they say, stations love to say their own name, so they play your stuff more heavily than they otherwise would and keep giving out the promo code and sending people to your site.

There’s been some debate recently about how artists will continue to get paid for their craft. Direct-to-fan marketing and sales has shown promise, but unless you actively take it on, you could miss its potential to grow your fanbase and maximize the money you earn. We’ve asked the direct-to-fan experts at Nimbit to help demystify the process with some practical advice.

Read the post here.

It also had me looking for anything else from the Nimbit guys on the same topic – and there is – the video below.