Image by Mark Raaphorst

So, 2011 has been here a week and all the other music advice bloggers have the drop on me!

Well, I’m back. Apologies for the delay but we had some serious work to do with clients to get the year started.

And what better way for a first ‘Dailies’ post than to talk about the specifics of one erstwhile client.

I have mentioned Laurent and his moniker ‘Little People‘ before, but what he is acheiving as a DIY musician is so impressive, he deserves regular mentions – especially as his second album is due soon. We dont work together directly anymore but we exchange information all the time and I advise and help him on his career.

Laurent released his debut album 5 years ago and thanks to Pandora loving it and recommending it to all it’s listeners (get your music on Pandora now BTW), he has built a very vocal and loyal following.

This has only increased since he adpoted Topspin to drive his artist website – and started giving away half of the debut album for free. His sign-ups to his newsletter and his digital sales through his own site and itunes have rocketed. He is now consistently in the top 30 electronic albums on iTunes US – with a 5 year old album. That is astonishing and an indictment of the DIY ethos.

Take note – he now SELLS more music because he gives half his album away for free.

Read this email from a fan – he gets several a day – but this one makes it abundantly clear why a deep and loyal fanbase comes from giving away your quality music for free. They are in it with you and want you to win.

From a fan – “Paying for music is something I do not normally do, not digitally anyway. But after hearing a great deal of your work, and visiting you on the web I was moved to purchase your album, as well as a t-shirt. Besides the fact that you’re turning out some truly wonderful music, I’m also partial to the mentality behind your work – meaning the generous nature in which you offer up what you’ve done. As far as I can tell, all of what you’ve made is available to listen to completely free, and I attribute that to you seeing more value in having your music heard than making money from it. I like that attitude, because it’s one an artist should have.

Best of luck to you, and thank you for the beautiful sounds.  I look forward to seeing you in the States.”

Can’t beat that can you!?

I suggest that you start giving away your music now if you’re not already – in exchnage for an email address, of course.