This is my last daily post of 2010 – and what better way to round up than Chris Bracco’s look at the best music industry start-ups of the year.

Chris’s blog has had some of the most informative posts of the year and this is no exception – a look at a bunch of new companies that every diy musician needs to at least know about and hopefully get the chance to use.

The end of the year is approaching rapidly, and a lot has happened in the music industry over the past twelve months! There have been many incredible albums released this year, some of which surprised the public and even became nominated for Grammy awards.

You see all of these “best of/worst of” lists pop up around this time every year, but personally I’m bored of the formula. This year, I’d like to compile a list of the most unique, interesting, and innovative music technology companies, regardless of whether they managed to generate any revenues for the year.


So without further ado, I present to you what I believe are the most unique music technology companies of 2010 (in no particular order)

Read the post here.

Thanks for the support in 2010 – we’ll be back in 2011!