Another brilliant list from Bob Lefsetz.

He also points us to this article from OK Go’s manager.

I don’t need to tell you anymore than to go and read another set of 6 great tips on how to build your fanbase in the new music business.

One thing we do know…  Music lives online.  It’s a digital medium.  The fact that majors still get the most revenue from CD sales illustrates their fear of the future.  If you’ve got nothing to lose, you take chances.  If you’re the steward of a dying business, you don’t want to take the blame.  You want to blame everybody else.  But the blame game is done.

In order to make money you’ve got to have an online presence.  You’ve got to build your name to the point that people know who you are and are interested in following your next move.  Once upon a time a hit made fans interested in what came next.  Now a track is seen as an isolated event.  You can quite literally be here today and gone tomorrow.  How do you succeed?  By burrowing deep online.

Read Bob’s list of 6 here.