This is a slightly odd one for us to pass on as it is in some ways at odds with what we usually preach – that you can develop your own success.

That is very much what I believe but this is an interesting article since I can’t argue that a quantum event – or as the English would say, a ‘leg up’ – will clearly speed up your journey to success.

Can you seek out these kind of opportunities? Yes. Hence why we advocate widespread and judicious online and offline networking to boost your following and chances of happening across someone who can really help you promote your music and build your career.

Talk to any successful artist, producer or songwriter, and you’ll discover that each of them struggled at one level until a breakthrough happened and their career took a quantum jump ahead. Just like playing a video game, artists “level up” when a quantum event happens. Quantum events include things like meeting the right producer, getting feedback on your songs from a master songwriter, being signed to a development deal with an indie label, releasing a great single, having your homemade sex tape “accidentally” leaked on YouTube, etc. Everyone’s quantum events are different.

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