Maybe it’s not all over for MySpace?

Just when everyone is saying that it’s over for the original music focussed Social Network, out they come with some serious tools to make the life of the average band a lot easier.

And, remember, I still advocate and active MySpace presence as a key part of your online music promotion, because a vasty nyumber of people still turn to MySpace as their first stop when looking up a band to hear their music.

In my mind, it is still a place you have to have a presence.

However, the former “place for friends” has recently announced an integration with marketing and promotion platform ReverbNation that will give artists a handy collection of tools that they can use to track analytics (both on MySpace and on other social media sites) and organize and contact their fans. The new contact tools are an extension of Reverb’s Fan Relationship Management application, FanReach.

Mashable have the scoop – read it here.