I spoke to Jon at Mic Control about this post on their blog yesterday.

It’s true that most bands think that a photo of them is just another part of the press pack or things that they need on their website, but it’s a key part of your music promotion and you need to get it right.

The article by Marcus Taylor makes a lot of good points.

As a musical artist it’s natural to prioritise your music as the most important asset that you can offer your fans – after all, that’s what you set out to do; make music. This is fine, because without the music you probably wouldn’t have fans, which the point that I’m going to make in this post depends on, but perhaps there is an emerging need to prioritise photos or images more so than you currently are.

Read the post here.

I’d add that you don’t want any of your photos to look anything like these! http://www.rockandrollconfidential.com/hall/index.php