This is a great article on Music Think Tank – I learnt stuff that I simply didn’t know about Bob Marley and his journey to massive success. So much so that I went and listened to the ‘Jamaican’ and ‘Island’ versions of his first album for Island Records – and it revealed the process he went through.

That will make sense if you go and read the article!

What makes it so interesting though is the truth in the piece that moving your music from a niche in which you are successful and respected to a larger mainstream audience will require some change – that is self defining, since it is that very change that will make your music appeal to that wider audience.

Take on board the main theme of the argument – that what is so often called ‘selling out’ is really just opening yourself up to changes that will allow you to reach your full potential. Isn’t that another way of describing artist development?

Bob kept a tight rein and his music was still very much what he wanted it to be. The polish didn’t hide his talent or spoil his work. It’s a tricky line to walk but will give you greater appeal.

Read the article on MTT here.