Image by Stig Nygaard

I wish that I’d written these posts that have a brilliant take on a key aspect of your music promotion.

Making the right first impresion.

The articles on Wayward Musician are written about getting this right in regard to live performances, but they apply to so many of the encounters you have in the music industry that they can benefit you in all areas where your music career crosses paths with people helping you out.

Would you go out on a first date being rude and belligerent, only to end the night by stealing plates and silverware at the restaurant?

I’m going to guess not.

Then, try not to do the equivalent when you’re playing a venue for the first time…or anytime.

Last week we talked about some easy ways to land gigs and touched upon the importance of making a good first impression.

It’s just as important in the music industry as it is anywhere else in life.

Over the next few posts I’m going to cover four different areas in which you need to nail that first impression in order to book better gigs and further your career.

Part 1 – The Promoter

Part 2 – The Sound Engineer

Part 3 – The Bartender

Part 4 – The Audience