Do we really need another Social Network that we have to keep up to date with and feed with music and content for our fans?

Probably not is what I fear for this new service – Flowd.

Because I like the idea of this on the move fan engagement, but how is it going to rise above the competition and catch on?

Flowd is a cross between a status update site like Twitter and a location network like Foursquare – allowing people to vist locations and interact with other users. It runs as an app on a Smartphone but also can be accessed on the web.

It’s big difference is that it aims to help music acts get even closer to their fans.

The app allows acts to talk directly to their fans, share their latest news and tour dates, and it uses location-based tools so artists and fans can check-in at venues and events, and artists can then reward their closest fans for attending their gigs.

As well as the dedicated app, Flowd also allows you to automatically push your updates and content straight to Twitter and Facebook, so artists can manage all their social networking from one place – either online at, or through the app on their iPhone or Android handset.

Sounds good and in this article at MacWorld they like the idea too:

Flowd offers many of the standard features found in popular location-based social networking apps like Foursquare and Gowalla; you can check in to local hangouts, broadcast your location to friends, view a list of places most frequented by your friends, and so on. But what sets Flowd apart from other apps in this genre is its inclusion of artist pages, where can check in to view and comment on an artist’s latest activities, and take part in competitions and contests.

Antti Viitanen, Digia’s Director of Product Management, walked me through a brief tour of the newly released app; here’s a hands-on first look.

When you first run the app, Flowd asks you to create a new user account—a quick and painless process. Once created, your account can be synced with Facebook Connect and Twitter, letting you share your activity on Flowd with those networks.

Read their in-depth review here.