We mentioned this before.

But, if you’re a DIY musician, you HAVE to have a solution that sells your music.

Nimbit is a great option as it integrates selling direct-to-fan from your own site with an email list builder and all sorts of cool stuff.

They now have what they call ‘Instant band Website’ which is a WordPress plug-in that drags info from your Nimbit dashboard to automatically build a website.

As we were talking about the need for a band website the other day I thought that this, as one of the obvious solutions, deserved a walk through. Luckily enough the person who built the plugin has done just that.

Watch to see how easy it is to get it all to work together and to get your band website live. Nimbit has a free option that includes the site but you will need to pay for your domain and hosting.

Check Nimbit out.