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Great short post on the awesome power of compelling live performance. You might know how to get a gig, but you need to pull it off once you do!

Plus they link off to a great free eBook on how to build your fanbase one fan at a time.

Once you have determined that your music is really that good, whether you make any money in the music business will depend largely upon your personality, charisma, and most importantly, on how good your live performance is.

An artist’s live performance is the core to their success. It must be constantly improved through a labor of love as long as the artist is performing. Regardless of what kind of artist you are, be it a band, singer, rapper or DJ, practice makes perfect. Formulating a live show and practicing it until you can do it in your sleep will make it seem all the more spontaneous when you perform before a live audience. Reaching a certain level of confidence and comfort with your live performance will enable you to deliver an engaging experience that will resonate with your fans, and will ultimately steer you towards the path of greatness.

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