I did a piece on our main blog about Band website SEO the other day.

This is a major topic that, if mastered, can seriously affect your success as a musician. Watch my video on the blog and see what I mean!

However, it is really detailed and takes a while to master.

I thought that this article might give you a few pointers to set you off in the right direction in thinking about how what you put on your site can attract the sort of internet seracher who might like your music.

If you get what I’m saying, do your own research and learn more about SEO for your band website. I will do more on the blog over time too.

Business owners, website operators, students – they all ask for SEO advice.  Usually, I ask them a few questions in return before giving out my words of wisdom.  Questions such as: “What are you doing currently for SEO?”, or “What do you know YOU aren’t doing?”.

Something I noticed when asking the questions of those asking ME questions, was that there were several things people were doing (or not doing but THINK they should be doing), that would not help them in their SEO efforts.  So for today we will go over common SEO misconceptions, and a few things you CAN do to help you SEO rankings.

Read the piece here.