There is one character that should appear in most of your facebook posts and tweets. No, not YOU, silly! I’m talking about the “at symbol” (@). For many of us, it resides on the same keyboard key as the number 2. And now that we know WHERE it is, let’s look at WHY you should regularly use it in your social media communications.

So says the article on CDBaby’s Diy Musician blog.

This mystified me for a long time but once I worked it out we have used it for all our clients.

We obviously talk about ‘@replies’ in our Twitter for Musicians guide. But, generally just ‘shouting’ at someone on twitter with an ‘@reply’ is wrong and just doesn’t work. BUT, on Facebook, mainly because you have 140 characters and you can post Fan Page Wall to Fan Page Wall, you can do it without being spammy.

And it can be VERY powerful.

So, for example, you could do an acoustic cover of a song by a hot band and post it on your Facebook Fan page (via YouTube). Then you could post across to the band that you’ve covered’s Fan Page and you will get people to come over and see your post on your Fan Page wall.

BTW – most really huge artists have disabled posts from others on their walls, but there are still a huge amount that haven’t.

Read it here – and implement it!