This article is about one promoter’s use of Adwords to sell tickets for a tour / show.

But, the data showed that the response rate to the Ads was nearly 5 times higher when they used the word ‘Show’ rather than ‘Tour’.

It’s safe to assume that this is human nature at work and using the word ‘show’ on your flyers and posters will be more effective in bringing the punters in. Worth knowing as a little trick in your music promotion armoury.

Media Junction were recently asked to promote a tour by a global superstar. There were five gig dates happening in Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Liverpool and London. The promoter agreed to work with us on a ‘Test & Learn’ strategy to ascertain which headlines and keywords were most effective.

We segmented the audience in to 3 groups:

1. People who were searching for the artist name
2. People who were searching on specific terms related to the Tour
3. People who were searching for terms related to the artist & venues, e.g. similar artists, song titles

Read the piece here.