I have posted a fair bit on the Dailies sites about fan funding – because I believe in it…..a lot.

This post is an interview with the founder of one such site, Pledge Music.

It ranges from his personal experience in setting the site up to examples that inevitably give insight and tips on how to set up your fan funded project whichever service you do that through.

Benji Rogers is the founder of Pledge Music – a platform that enables musicians and fans raise money for new records or touring while simultaneously raising money for charity.  Prior to founding Pledge Benji played (and actually still plays) in a group called Marwood that were signed to a few different labels in the UK.  He started off in the music business as a roadie on various high profile tours.  I wanted to catch up with Benji because I had been hearing that large numbers of people were raising money with Pledge – and it was actually working!

Read the interview here