Bas Grasmayer published a pdf on the best practices for online music promotion – which he guest posted on our main blog.

I saw this post on his blog the other day which reflects on the way that the interactivity a player has with video games should be used more in music and the ways fans can engage with it.

The huge advantage games have over music, is that games are designed to be interactive (since games were invented), while music has lost much of its interactivity since the invention of recording technologies. While the gaming industry has always had its eyes on interactivity, the music biz completely forgot about this, which brought out a very awkward situation when it was forced upon the music biz (eg. suing fans, going bankrupt, stifling innovation).

I think the best business model is an INTERACTIVE business model. This doesn’t mean that the music itself has to be interactive, but the experience of the music, the music-fan, the artist-fan, the label-fan, and the fan-fan relationship should be as interactive as possible. This interactivity is much easier to monetize and much more rewarding for fans to engage in (and also for the artists).

His post goes on to give some suggestions and ideas for more interactivity – which are great!

Check out his suggestions on his blog.