I love SoundCloud – all my artists use it to host tracks and, in particular, DJ mixes.

It’s not brilliant for directly interacting with followers (although that can be done) – more importantly, the annotation and commenting on their players massively encourages interaction with your music – which is where a fan relationship starts. It’s a great part of your online music promotion toolbox.

Plus, the players are embeddable and customisable.

I don’t recommend using it exclusively, but I do recommend having a presence there.

This article talks about some very clever updates to their offering that they have recently made – more about live recording on the web to SoundCloud rather than about using it for your music hosting and dissemination – but doubtless you can find some creative way to use this to further your cause.

Today, SoundCloud, an audio platform that has concentrated on music makers so far, makes a significant pivot into the wider sphere of audio sharing. Up until now SoundCloud has done a pretty incredible job of attracting well known artists to its platform such as The Foo Fighters, Kylie, Deadmau5, Moby and Caribou, who have used it to effectively socialise their music. But today Soundcloud releases the ability to record sound direct via the site, and via it’s updated iPhone app. That puts it into the realm of pure audio sharing platforms such as Cinch and Audioboo. In other news SoundCloud has also passed two million users.

Read the piece here.