Mashable – brilliant post about various techniques that you can use to help your music video go viral.

YouTube music marketing is one of the essential ways that you can now get your music heard – you need to be using it as much as possible and these ideas can help.

They say that Internet killed the video star (or the Limousines did, but still). We would beg to differ. The web has opened up a tour bus-full of opportunities for bands hoping to get their music out there via the cinematic medium.

And to back up that assertion, we’ve talked with musicians, including Cee-Lo Green, Auto-Tune the News and OK Go, and gathered together their top tips for making an eminently shareable music video.

In the past, the realm of music videos was a whole lot less democratic — but that’s all changed dramatically in recent years.

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And then, like they say….there’s always cats!