Stephaan Cloet
Anil Govind
Stacey Lee

I’ve sent you each a message through Facebook as I need an email address to be able to buy the eBook for each of you and have them sent through.

If you have a problem with replying – send me a message through the contact page of the main site – http://www.makeitinmusic.com/contact

THANKS to everyone who liked our page during the 2 weeks that it was running. We went from just over 100 fans to 174, but we did tweet everyday.

This was part promotion but also part test of the method of using a contest – it worked but it’s not as easy as I had hoped to add people to your fan page using this method.

I like the contest idea – perhaps we’ll try with a much bigger prize next time – but you’ll all be included if you’re already liking us!

Thanks again.