I got sent the link to this article yesterday and then spent an hour and a quarter watching the whole video!

Mark Zuckerberg is unmissable as he goes on telling us how Facebook can make every experience social and how that will, in turn, revolutionise the way we buy and sell everything – particularly things with a social element – like music!

I didn’t, unfortunately, come away thinking that I knew how this would play out and what I could do to advise musicians to be ready for it.

But, I think, do what you’re doing using the ‘direct to fan‘ model and work out how to build a fanbase that you interact with regulalry – that’s you being social with them

At the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a six minute speech about how, starting sometime in the next five years, he expects his company to make billions and billions of dollars turning the TV, news, film, and music industries upside down.

The speech was nuanced and obviously pre-planned. It contained big revelations. But because it came in the middle of a wide-ranging, hour-long interview, hardly anybody noticed.

Read the piece here.

And, watch the interview below. It should start at the really intersting point automatically, but if not, it’s at 16.59. But, then, may as well watch the whole thing!