Matthew Ebel absolutely nails it in this post on how to promote music online.

Matthew is a working musician who uses all the methods that he can find to promote and sell his music. So these tips come with a dose of real world testing and experience.

I love them as they are bang to the point. Particularly the stuff about getting a domain and a website – you know, like how I’ve been enouraging you to do that on Friday and today?? It is absolutely essential!

I’m no Ariel Hyatt, but I’ve been told I have some good ideas for using online tools as an indie musician. I mean, heck, I do this for a living. If something I do doesn’t work, I drop it like a bad habit and move on to the next idea. Is this list comprehensive? Hell no. In fact, I’ll probably have better ideas tomorrow. Right now, though, this is the best list I could divine. Here are some patterns I’ve seen over the years:

Read his 10 tips here.