Although I was a music lawyer – that’s how I got my start – these deals didn’t come in until I was a manager – but I’ve still seen my fair share of them.

These are two great posts that look at what the 360 deal is and what it means for artists. If you get signed or are looking to get signed in today’s business, this is 99% likely to be the kind of deal you will get. You need to know about it!

The first one is from the great NPR blog via @BuzzSonic.

“Most deals are about 270, maximum, not 360 degrees,” he says. “In theory a 360 deal encompasses all revenue that an artist brings in, and hence the name, ‘360 degrees.’ I’m going back and forth between ‘360’ and ‘multi-rights.’ Usually in my writing I call it ‘multi-rights.'”

Read the NPR piece here.

And this very considered article is from Jon Ostrow at Mic Control – altough I couldn’t find it again on his blog, so this is from somwhere that it was reposted!

Simply put, a 360 deal is a business relationship between an artist and a music industry company. It doesn’t have to be between record label and artist, as seen in the 2007 360 deal signed between Madonna and promoter Live Nation (Jay-Z signed a similar deal in 2008).

Read Jon’s piece here.