This is a GREAT collection of detailed posts to help you get the most out of your recordings.

Not only that but the whole blog is a mine of information on everything to do with recording, production and composition – including technical tutorials on recording platforms and software. It’s great – a must read for the DIY artist.

When is a track finished? Does what I’ve done sound good enough? Should I add a few more tracks? I ask similar questions when I’m cooking for the kids. I could heat up some pies, or serve sausages and mashed potatoes. They’ll eat it if they’re hungry enough, but I won’t win any awards. But if I’m cooking for a special occasion, the decisions I make and thought process I take are different. I’ll think about the best combination of ingredients I can get, and will usually add some subtle spices to the mix.

Making tasty music is similar. There are things you can do to add spice at each stage of the production process. Here are 14 tutorials that show us how to do make your tracks spicy.

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