We got very excited about the YouTube channel guide yesterday – and it turned out that, whilst some of the tips in it can be applied by all, the chances of being granted a ‘Brand Channel’ seem slim. Nontheless, for a solid bit of info on using YouTube for Musicians, it’s worth checking out.

I’ve applied for a Brand Channel and will report back if successful.

Let’s hope that they roll them out for all of us in time – I see no reason why not!

So, as I was looking for more information, I found these two posts that look at good Channel design. As I said, I’m about to do this for our Make It In Music YouTube channel so I’m looking for all the tips that I can find.

Perhaps you are too.

Some of these are Brand Channels and some aren’t but they’re really good indications of what can be done.

See these two articles on good YouTube Channel design here – http://blog.webdistortion.com/2010/08/23/youtube-channel-design/ and here – http://designmess.com/article/attractive-and-clever-uses-youtube-channel-design