Hypebot piece on the intriguing Indaba platform that also looks at how the democratisation of the means of production and distribution has given everyone with talent a shot. The gatekeepers are still there but you can go around them, so it’s down to you.

Indaba is a very exciting prospect that allows all musicians at any level of skill to collaborate on music or seek out people to help them and vice versa.

It’s a great musicians resource that you should check out.

Central to the founding ideology of Indaba Music is the notion of collaboration; they strive to empower musicians with the means to network and make music together. Since 2007 the website has grown to harbor over 500,000 musicians—from amateurs, who make music for the love of the craft, to Grammy Award winners, who’ve created music on the professional level.

Prior to the emergence of the social web, the tyranny of geography inhibited musicians from collaborating on a large scale and class distinctions were far more predominate than they are today. This prevented amateurs from gaining access to commercial works and professionals from seeing the value that they can create. In the music industry, we’ve reached the point where more music is being made and consumed than at any other point in history and Indaba has positioned itself to harness the sheer abundance of cultural creators behind it.

Read the piece at Hypebot and visit Indaba.