….although almost all that I have seen speak on it have been on the pro-side!

We posted several pieces about fan funding last week as the debate rattled on after Brian Hazard suggested that it might not be the best thing for artists – read that here.

Hyebot had plenty to say on the issue, and at the end of last week they interviewed an artist who’d had great success funding his record on Kickstarter and who wholeheartedly believed in the process.

Bleu, a singer-songwriter-producer, set a goal of $8,000 for his Kickstarter campaign. Almost overnight, 387 fans jumped into the mix and contributed nearly $40,000 to his cause. He didn’t need to get the album funded. Rather, he just needed to cover the expenses of distributing and properly marketing his album.

All of these questions are based on assertions that Hazard made in his essay.

For example, Bleu took home an extra $32,000 from his fans. From Hazard’s perspective, who contended that preorders are nobler than fan-funding efforts, taking that money could be considered dishonest in a way. Since, it greatly exceeded the initial need. Hazard says, “why should your fans pay to promote something they already bought?” It’s an interesting way to look at it. Bleu was kind enough to assert his opinions on Hazard’s and share this thoughts on this.

Check it out here.