Ariel Hyatt interviews Michael Laskow.

A lot of it is about how he came to set up the artist development business that is Taxi, but there are some great bits in there about the skills required to succeed.

In short, learn to market and work outrageously hard so that when everyone else has given up and gone home you’re still there trying. Then you might well win and get what you want.

It’s well worth a read.

I normally write articles and tips for musicians to help them with their online marketing, PR and community building.  But there is another topic I feel deeply passionate about:  Helping the next generation who want to make it in the music business understand what it takes to achieve that dream.

To succeed in service to musicians you must ne willing to stand by your dreams and persever. And you must have great entrepreneurial instincts and marketing skills. This is the advice from one of the most successful people serving artists today: Michael Laskow, the founder of Taxi.

Read the whole piece here.