These 5 business leaders covered by Mashable all have something noteworthy to teach you about using social media marketing to promote music online.

Whether it’s their use of YouTube to go behind the scenes at their sports club to bring fans closer to the action or tweeting their most interesting daily events – these are tips that you can model.

We scoured the socialverse for business leaders utilizing social platforms effectively and in innovative and valuable ways. The folks at provided a list of the most influential CEOs, founders and business leaders in the social space based on Klout Scores, a measurement of true reach, amplification probability and network influence. This enabled us to compile this roundup based on Klout’s quantitative reasoning alongside our own top picks based on proven quality.

When it comes to social influence and value, these five business leaders outperform their peers in both quantitative and qualitative tests, proving that they have a grasp of how to use social media effectively.

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