I was put on to this by @BuzzSonic who is always digging up great info for aspiring musicians.

This is a great post that looks at how the live album is now a way to connect the fan with the experience of live music that is at the centre of the new relationship between artists and their fans. The diy artist needs to find ways to monetise that relationship and the fan loves to re-experience that moment that they had at a live show by their favourite band. It also generates cash for your band!

Great article.

It is the sum of the fan’s moments that resonate for them, the waves of energy that surround a point in time that sweeten the harsh tones of a bad recording, reduce the feedback and carry them along on a different journey than a quantitative checklist of tone, tune and rendition. In this context the live album isn’t a yardstick of sound quality or even adrenalized performance; it is simply a memory prompt, an invitation if you like that has a buildup to and a letdown from a specific moment in time.

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