Our main site redesign is an ongoing project at Make It In Music.

I’m very pleased with where we have made it to so far – now comes the tricky bit of filling it with regular content!

I’ve started off with looking at Twitter for musicians and will start posting a very comprehensive guide later this week.

Facebook is next.

BUT, before I start posting some of the tips that we use on our musician client’s Facebook pages, I want to increase the following on our fan page – I’ll then be making changes to that fan page that you can see as we do them – we’ll film them and post the method on our site.

So, in the next two weeks, I need you to join our Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/MakeItInMusic.

And I need you to ask other artists and bands to join.

In order to incentivise you, I am going to give away three copies of the brilliant AllFacebook guide to getting fans on Facebook – called ‘30 days to attract 3,000 Facebook Fans‘ – but in order to get one you have to be a fan of Make It In Music on Facebook.

I have learnt a great deal from this AllFacebook eBook over the last year or so and have directly implemented some of the ideas for our clients.

OK, it’s only $9.95, so I’m not pushing the boat out with my freebies, but it is well worth having for all artists and I’d recommend it to all musicians.

For those that want to get it for free, well, you’d better just join us on Facebook and see if you can win a copy! I’ll announce the three winners on our Facebook Fan page wall and buy you a copy on 1st December (I’ll need your email address for that!)

So, I will point you to this page every day as reminder!

To join our Facebook Fan Page go to http://www.facebook.com/MakeItInMusic.

Have a look at the ‘30 days to attract 3,000 Facebook Fans‘ eBook here.