This is a cynical view of what you need to do to break into the music industry but it masks a horrible truth!

If the be all and end of all of your aim is to ‘get a record deal‘, then playing to the masses and surfing a wave of musical simplicity that is already being consumed is a great way to go. Record companies (even in this day and age) will look for the next this or the next that rather than stick their necks out and sign something new and different.

However, as we espouse on our blog (Make It In Music), that isn’t the way it has to be done and now you can create your own following and thereby your own success outside of the old system.

Still – this is a cracking article that should make you laugh and reflect!

According to Lindsay McDougall (triple j’s “The Doctor”, Frenzal Rhomb) breaking into the music industry is easy, anyone can do it, it just requires one small thing of yourself: the complete surrendering of your soul to the parasitic whims of the dull-eyed masses.

If this irritates your puritan indie sensibilities, fear not, these days there’s enough different types of cookie-cutter genre molds to fit even your most oblique electro-fuzz. You just need to squeeze yourself into one of the following song types:

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