Image by Howdy, I’m H. Michael Karshis

Short and sweet post that has one cracking tip about how to find the right people to send your music to when pitching your music to movie music supervisors – use the IMDB database!

Getting your music placed in movies is not beyond the DIY musician – but it does require persistence and effort.

Music placement is when your music is licensed to be used in a movie, TV show, commercial, video game, or anywhere else you might hear original music. There are few things more exciting than getting paid to have your music placed, but getting paid without having to share the profit is even better.

If you are an independent band making a few waves, eventually someone will tell you they can get your music placed somewhere. It sounds too good to be true. And in the music industry, when it sounds too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.

Read the advice here.