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Songwriting tips are the hardest thing to write and to find to post on our dailies sites. I am not a songwriter, although the main thrust of my management business these days is managing songwriters.

So I get to see people do it everyday and marvel at their varied approachs and talent – I’ve picked up a lot of tips!

Still, when I see a great set of ideas on new ways for you to tackle songwriting, I’ll always stick them up.

This is one such post.

There are songs out there that have almost made me quit music.  Yes, they are that good.  They have brought me immense joy and great frustration all at once.  How could something so perfect have been writing in the first place?  How did the songwriter know to play that note next, or that scale over that chord?  Maybe they didn’t.  I’ll explain…

To most non-musicians, song writing seems like magic.  And it sort of is.  I mean, artists do seem to create beauty out of thin air.  Wonderful melodies are seemingly plucked out of nowhere or summoned from metal strings and ivory keys.  However, a majority of great songs come out of intense practice and dedication to the craft of songwriting.  I want to provide you with a list of techniques that I use when composing music.  Some may call these ideas radical, but they have proved to be very fruitful for me.  This list is just a handful of the many tricks I have come up with and employ on a routine basis.  I hope they can be of some help!

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