We looked at the first part of this article about DJ Shadow’s online and tour marketing a few weeks ago (here’s the first part on the MiiM Posterous Daily).

This has since been updated on hypebot with parts 2 and 3 that look at which pieces of their online music promotion are bringing the best results.

Facebook, email, and mobile rule but MySpace still features.

In terms of all of the Marketing and Merchandising, everything is continuing to go great, and even better than planned.  I don’t really have any horror stories, and I have already alluded to the successes in my previous posts, so I don’t want to beat the same drum over and over, or have to embellish at all.  It is what it is: I think we came in with a great game plan, and, so far (fingers crossed) it is going VERY WELL.  Make sure you read my first 2 posts to see our marketing and merchandising approach, and how it has been working out

Here’s Part 3 – find part from the links on Hypebot!