This is a brilliant post by the ever informative Sentric Music Blog.

Used properly the unbiased feedback that you get from your data can help you target your future online music promotion far more effectively.

This post is written from the perspective of someone working in the music industry as a publisher but all the methods and skills can be applied to your music and the way you use the web to reach your fans.

Stats are basically unbiased feedback. Look at them in that light and you should start to see why they can be incredibly useful. Some of the blog posts I thought were the most informative have in the past been the least viral and some of which I believed to be my wittiest tweets have also gone un-RT’d. Whereas the post I did about Metadata, which when I wrote I believed to be a bit too niche (and pretty much only did it to solve a personal problem to therefore have somewhere to send people who kept emailing me shoddy MP3’s), turned out to be one of the most read posts I’ve done.

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