Now, I accept that not every aspiring musician will consider the safety of their Facebook Fan Page to be worth a small monthly fee.

But if your band is getting to any reasonable level of success it would be a pain to lose all the results of your hard won facebook music marketing, wouldn’t it?

Well, you can now back-up all the data on your Fan Page thanks to Backupify – and although I haven’t heard of Facebook losing anyone’s data yet, I have heard of people’s accounts being hacked or deleted by user error.

So, not worth it for all, but maybe for some. And if you’re looking for other data back-up anyway, why not have one that can cover your Facebook page as well.

Now, for the first time ever, our users will be able to backup the complete contents of their Facebook Fan Page accounts. In addition, users of our Backupify for Facebook service can still backup, archive and export all News Feeds, Wall Posts, Photo Albums and Messages that are associated with their individual Facebook profiles. Backupify now provides users with the most comprehensive and effective Facebook backup solution on the market.

Read about their Fan Page back-up here.