This article from Rick Goetz at is worth a read (as is all of his blog) as it’s the first musician advice article he ever wrote from 12 years ago.

But, what makes it worth your time to check out is that almost all of it is still relevant today.

In the main it’s about how to put on a good showcase for a label – a dying breed these days, but this is good advice if you find yourself doing it. The article ranges over a load more points of general musician advice.

Working in A&R, I have seen literally thousands of bands in the last several years (I actually tried counting the bands I had seen at one point to try and talk my boss into giving me a raise; no, it didn’t work, but thanks for asking). Let me make an early disclaimer by saying that there is very little scientific about the showcasing process. This article is not meant to be a foolproof plan for how to get signed when you showcase; it is really just a collection of my experiences with what has worked or not worked for people in the past.

Read the article here.