Picture by Patrick Hoesly

One of the artists that I’ve worked with for many years relies solely on synchronisation licences for his income – that’s when his tracks are licensed for a game, movie or TV (they are synchronised with visual images – hence the name).

It is a great way to earn a living making music and it’s also obviously a great way to promote your music.

But, how do you go about it?

This article from Live Unsigned blog (which I’ve just found and has loads of great stuff on it) looks at 8 tips.

A recent article in Word magazine made the point that TV, Film and Game music placements are the new radio in terms of exposing your band to a mainstream audience. Top US TV shows like Greys Anatomy and House can expose bands to a new audience very quickly, making Music Supervisors very powerful within the industry.

Read the whole article here.

BTW – I’d add that doing instrumentals and cut downs (20 seconds, 30, 45 and 60) with slightly different elements to the fore and having stems ready to be used to make alternative passes is a very wise investment in this field.