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We looked at this the other day – see the post here on Posterous MIIM Daily – where we pointed you to a mammoth post on how to email your fans by Pet Marmoset. And, it’s a cracker.

So, of course are our two posts on how to build a band mailing list.

But, today, there is another bunch of world class information on this very topic from PR and cyber guru, Ariel Hyatt.

Her piece looks at many aspects of how to send your email newsletter to fans including timing, tone and frequency. It’s backed up by recent data that proves that email is still the best way to reach out to fans.

Boston based research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey has recently completed a study that all musicians should know about.

Here are the important highlights:

“Three-quarters of web users are likely to share content with friends and family, and nearly half do so at least once a week. But while much social networking content is built around such shared items, most people still prefer to use email to pass along items of interest.”

Read the piece here.