Very deep thinking post about how your band website could be way more comprehensive and interactive – giving fans what the hardcore really want – a place where like minds can congregate and manifest their level of fandom amongst their peers. Heavy, but true!

It may be that the place where this can occur is in social networks dedictaed to a particular band – such as Facebook Pages – but that doesn’t mean that an artist site can’t develop past the three column newspaper that they seem to have become – at least according to the blogger who made this post.

It’s a very thought provoking post and, if he’s right, the first artists to create this kind of site will be trailblazing a new level of fandom and interactivity.

When I started at WBR five years ago, I entered a department where the creation of a website was as curated, and isolated as creating a billboard. It was meant to represent a moment and an experience in that moment, not anything for someone to inhabit. We had sites where the navigation elements were floating balloons for instance. The extent of “information” was two feeds for news and tour that were piped in from a very rudimentary content management system. Home grown, of course.

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